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Newspaper Column


Dr. Holly Peek has published articles since 2011 as the health columnist in The Hullabaloo, Tulane’s nationally award-winning student newspaper. Dr. Peek launched Holly on Healtha health column dedicated to Generation Y, in September 2011 and retired the column in January 2013. Relaunched as a mental health column, Dr. Peek first published as Psych Gumbo in February 2013.

Psych Gumbo:

12/4/14 Mental health crisis in college communities must be addressed

11/12/14 Seasonal affective disorder on college campuses

10/1/14 The hidden harms of hazing

9/16/14 National scandal brings dating violence into spotlight

4/18/14 Heroin gain popularity among college students

3/27/14 Sexual Assaults: The Silent Epidemic on Campus

3/13/14 College students underestimate emotional repercussions of casual hookups

2/27/14 Rates of dangerous eating disorders heightens among college students

2/13/14 How to recognize warning signs of suicide in college

1/30/14 Students should be aware of the effects of MDMA

12/5/13 Social media can have harmful effects on self-esteem

11/14/13 Self-injury is common and treatable in college

4/11/13 Bipolar disorder emerges in college students

3/21/13 Students need accessible mental health services

3/14/13 College experiences may exacerbate OCD symptoms

2/28/13 Men suffer from eating disorders too

2/21/13 Psychostimulant abuse proves dangerous


Mental health articles written as Holly on Health:

1/31/2013 The anatomy of a breakup: biology behind the heartbreak

12/6/12 Marijuana use leads to negative side effects

11/29/12 Know the difference between anxiety and a mental disorder

11/8/2012 Synthetic drugs and their negative side effects present lethal danger

10/25/12 Abnormal sleep patterns lead to greater issues

10/13/12 LGBT environment affects mental health

10/5/12 Health risks associated with binge drinking outweigh social benefits

7/24/12 New drug trend comes in form of bath salts

3/2/2012 Eating disorders affect an alarming number of college students

12/9/11 Yoga can help take the stress out of the holiday season

6/1/11 Keeping an eye out for depression












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