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About Us

Psych Gumbo is a blog and a college mental health newspaper column focusing on a wide variety of mental health topics. We cover everything from psychiatric diagnosis and treatments, to discussions of mental health in popular culture, to holistic and healthy lifestyle strategies. Founded in February 2013, Psych Gumbo’s mission is to openly discuss important mental health topics using accurate and evidence based information in order to educate our community.

Mental illness is very common in the United States. In any given year, one-quarter of adults are diagnosable for a mental disorder, however, only 36% of those with mental illness are receiving any type of treatment. We hope to do our part in educating our community and encourage readers and listeners to become a part of our mental health discussion!

In addition, we have made available recordings of our former radio show which¬†aired monthly on WTUL Radio, New Orleans on 91.5 FM and is co-hosted by Dr. Holly Peek and Dr. Mordecai Potash. The newspaper column is written by Dr. Peek and is published twice monthly in The Hullabaloo, Tulane’s nationally award-winning student newspaper.

We eagerly welcome comments and questions from readers and listeners of Psych Gumbo!


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